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Skepta Feat. Giggs - Look Out



Опубликовано 21 Sep 2010

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Skepta feat. Giggs - Look Out
Microphone Champion

Yeah, done know... Giggs , Skeps.
Browse it, boom productions. SN1 , Boy better know.
Ahhhh, Look out you bastards.. haha

SN1 on my t again , my black trousers D&G again (yes). Looking like a G again (yeah), thats right its me again.
Think my big four 5s gotta flea in em. Think Ive only got one Mac, got three of em (ummm). Then you wont see me again,time to get the white in and the B again
Just got some high grades from Vesra, Im a real G so I gotta little extra (extra). I like hot girls coz Im extra.
Thought about my lighty then I text her (woof). Impressed her, thinks Im on shit coz Im doing it with Skepta.
Take off your whole head top, Hannibal lector. Black director shoot up shit then I cut in the Vectra (cut).
orange bud weed lookin nectar, strap a big boy spliff sotum nester(ummm).
Had to breeze onto Chester gotta new flav link gotta test er (yeah). OOOHHHHH.. potent white girl so i pressed her
Hugh hefner pitch niggers like Scarface did hectar, breeze in there like car chase with feds cah its looking like them chase wanna get ar.
Im the best coz I aint in the white game were the best of...we got the best love. So come against us.

This is the ard shit. Makes you wanna lick out a cartridge.
Look out you bastards, we push out the hard shit. ( X2 )

Now this might sound a bit cheeky but I dont even try fam I make it look easy, naturally greazy. Me and Giggz run up and take all the gold coins like Mario and Luigi (pinng).
You wanna say sotum say it when you see me. Dont phone me save your credit coz if you cant tell me what happens after you die I dont wanna hear it(NO). You aint half a gangster nowhere near it.
Meridian thats my murdering force. Giggz beat the sken in south I heard it in North and to hate we got Boy Better Know t-shirts and SN1 wear for the whole world to endorse course.
Norths up in this bitch, I dont know what you heard but you cant take the piss. If you saw what the kick back done to my wrist you would have never put my name on your murder list.
Fam if you interrupt the vibe that Im in then I ride ride ride with my ting. So fuck them niggers everyday Im surrounded by killers like I was on a lifers wing.
See Im a cool brudda with a heart of the wickedest, violate me I squeeze this till it finishes. Then I switch cliques like Hollowman switches chicks.
Rinse the machine like bombiy, I call that Buju Banton light up your head like a lantern.
Boy Better Know standard Look Out thats the anthem. Ask all the mandem, out ere in the grime scene Im a champion (CHEEEZE) Until I get a mansion imma keep murdering spitters at random. Brapp !

This is the ard shit. Makes you wanna lick out a cartridge.
Look out you bastards, we push out the hard shit. ( X2 )

Haha, what they gonna say now ? How can you have a hit yet ? 2 bet nominees on one track. We can write at home, but we wanna write in the studio and make it look good. Gemee.
SN1, BOY BETTER KNOW done know !

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